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18. Dezember in Au, ZH

Siddhi Abend mit Ladina

19. Dezember in Davos

Siddhi Abend mit Ladina

20. Dezember in Appenzell, 

Siddhi Abend mit Ladina

22. Dezember in der Quelle in Bern

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26. bis 28. Dezember in Dreien SG, die Magie der Rauhnächte

15. Januar in Thalwil, Aktivierung deines Wurzelchakras

28. - 29. Januar in Solothurn, Heilung des inneren Kindes

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Detailprogramm Hatha Yoga mit Doug Keller, USA, 24. bis 26. September in Landquart

Originaltext und detaillierte Kursausschreibung: bitte scrolle nach unten!

Die Antwort des Yoga auf die heutigen Herausforderungen


Ein therapeutisch inspirierter Yogaworkshop und –training mit Doug Keller, USA


Du erhältst Einblicke und erfährst praktische Ansätze um physische Herausforderungen und auch Schmerzen bei Ischias, Kreuz- Rücken- Schulter- und Nackenproblemen anzugehen und trotzdem ein genussvolles und aktives Yoga zu praktizieren. Dies enthält Yogaflow, Meditation, lösen von Fascien und aktivieren von Marmapunkten, die du zuhause in deine Praxis einbauen kannst.


Die Nachmittage enthalten Atemtechniken, die speziell an die Vayus, die Energien des Atems gekoppelt sind und sowohl physisch als auch mental und emotional stärkend wirken. Ebenso erlebst du tiefste Entspannung im Yoga Nidra.


Ziel dieses Workshops ist es, dass du erfrischt, erneuert und Yoga-inspiriert mit einer Fülle von praktischen Werkzeugen ins neue Jahr zurückkehrst.



Freitag: Hüften und Beine. Kultivieren von Prana Vayu,  Kraft des Einatmens

Samstag: Schultern, Oberkörper und Backbending. Kultivieren von Apana Vayu – Kraft des Ausatmens

Sonntag: Fokus Wirbelsäule von Steissbein zum Kopf. Kultivieren von spontanem Frieden und klarer Absicht.


Die Kurssprache ist Englisch mit Übersetzung, mixed level. Du kannst auch einzelne Tage buchen.



Originaltext  und detaillierte Kursausschreibung in Englisch


“Today’s Challenges; Yoga’s Answers” - A Therapeutically Inspired Yoga. Workshop and Training with Doug Keller — open to all


Throughout history, yoga has always evolved and adapted to meet the needs of those who are practicing it, from ascetics in the early days to normal people today, deeply involved in meeting the challenges of today’s world. And the applications of yoga — both therapeutic and spiritual — have gone far beyond what the original yogis imagined for the practice, for the benefit of all!


This therapeutically inspired yoga training and workshop will go into practical, accessible approaches to physical challenges, including pain problems such as sciatica, low back and sacroiliac pain, and neck and shoulder pain, while also keeping an enjoyable and challenging (and doable) flowing practice of yoga’s best poses — with deeper insights into doing the poses well and beneficially while overcoming blocks and difficulties. This will also include self-care techniques of fascial release and marma that you can incorporate into your warmup for practice (or everyday activities) for your feet, wrists, low back and hips, and more.


The afternoons will include pranayama techniques taught and refined that are specific to the ‘Vayus’ or energies of the breath that are empowering — physically as well as mentally and emotionally — providing a strong support for your daily life. This will be linked into meditation and relaxation practices — especially Yoga Nidra, with an understanding of the history and purpose of Yoga Nidra as a spiritual practice.


The ‘sankalpa’ or intention of the weekend is that you leave refreshed, renewed and inspired with practical tools to meet the new year, and a deep appreciation of yoga!


Friday: Caring for the Hips and Legs — and Cultivating Prana Vayu

The standing postures of yoga, as well as forward bends and twists, with their spirals of energy and emphasis upon mindful grounding through the feet, are especially helpful for maintaining the health of the hips, legs, knees and feet. A common pain problem in these areas — for a variety of causes — is sciatic pain, which radiates from the gluteals down through the leg and even to the foot. These and related pain problems can be handled through simple yoga routines; and in our practice we will emphasize actions that are important for overcoming and/or preventing such pain patterns. Related issues will be care for the feet, knees and low back/sacrum.


In the afternoon, the focus will be on Prana Vayu in breathing practices — the power of the inhalation which empowers us to receive and be nourished through yogic practices of the breath. We will cover obstacles and resistances, and how to overcome them in receiving prana. The philosophical theme for meditation will be on ‘Prakasha’ or illumination and insight through creative use of the imagination to go deep into meditation and Yoga Nidra.


Saturday: Caring for the Shoulders — and Cultivating Apana Vayu

Upper body work, including standing postures, backbending and inversions, with refined actions that spiral from the hands deep into the shoulders and heart, help us to keep the joints aligned and free from damage and irritation. Common problems in the shoulders center around injuries to the rotator cuff muscles, as well as shoulder tightness and limitations in the movement of the collarbones — all of which can cause chronic pain. 

We will focus on simple actions that are learned through the poses, as well as self-care exercises that help to maintain the benefits of your practice when you don’t have time for yoga. Related issues will be care for the wrists and forearms/elbows.


In the afternoon, the focus will be on Apana Vayu in breathing practices — the power of the exhalation which empowers us to let go and let be — becoming grounded by the freedom that comes with this ability. The philosophical theme for meditation will be on ‘Vimarsha’ or reflection and self-awareness through mantra and breath — for a deep understanding of ‘union’ in yoga as wisdom: the joining of illumination and self-awareness as ‘Shiva’ and ‘Shakti.’



Sunday: Caring for the Spine from the Sacrum to the Neck and Head — and Cultivating Spontaneous Peace and Clear Intention

The simple and subtle work at the center of yoga has to do with the alignment of the spine — from the sacrum to the neck and head — both for freedom from neck and back pain, and for clarity, peace and depth in meditation.

In asana practice, we will be looking at the intimate relationship between the sacrum and the neck, especially in twists — for the sake of greater pain-free movement and natural ease in the breath. Related issues will be the various kinds of tension we hold in the neck, jaw and shoulders that can be a significant cause of stiffness and pain.


In the afternoon, the focus will be on fulfilling our breathing, meditation and relaxation practice through spontaneous stillness and ease, known as Samana Vayu; clear intention that is empowered through Udana Vayu, by which we can extend, direct and project our prana, and expanded awareness empowered by Vyana Vayu. On a practical level, this will include centering techniques in meditation, harmonizing techniques in pranayama, and deepening levels of awareness in Yoga Nidra, with awareness of ‘marma’ or energy points as simple keys for a profound practice of yoga.




Doug Keller’s background reflects a lifelong commitment to the vast field of yoga. After receiving degrees in philosophy from Georgetown and Fordham University and teaching philosophy at a college level, he pursued a practical experience of yoga at the ashram Gurudev Siddha Peeth in India — which in turn also led him to the practice of hatha yoga as part of his overall experience of yoga. From years of study, practice and teaching, he has produced widely used and highly respected books on asana, yoga as therapy, pranayama and yoga philosophy, and he teaches hatha yoga workshops and trainings in both North America and Europe. He was a regular columnist for Yoga International Magazine for three years, and has also written on therapeutic topics for Yoga Journal. His popularity as a teacher comes from his ability to deepen people’s experience of yoga through clear, simple and direct instructions that are easy to practice and remember. And he does it with lightness and light.


Kursdatum: Freitag 24. September 10 Uhr bis Sonntag 26. September 16 Uhr in Landquart

Kursort: Evangelisches Kirchgemeindehaus in Landquart, Rheinstrasse 2, Landquart

Kurskosten Seminar: CHF 510.- für alle 3 Tage, CHF 180.- für einzelne Tage


Das Training wird bei einer Mindestanzahl von 17. Teilnehmenden pro Tag durchgeführt.



Anmeldung: bitte hier klicken

STAR FIRE MOUNTAIN COLLEGE, Horlaubenstrasse 5, CH-7260 Davos Dorf, Tel.:081 413 25 31, E-Mail: