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29. Oktober in Thalwil, Aktivierung deines Feuerchakras

10. bis 12. November in Davos, Stress Detox

26. November in Thalwil, Aktivierung deines Herzchakras

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Yoga mit Doug Keller, USA - 21. bis 23. Februar 2020 in Landquart. mixed level, Kurssprache ist englisch mit Übersetzung

Sequenzierung und Marma in Yoga: Inspiriationen für den Weg nach Innen durch Yoga mit Doug Keller, USA


Ein intensives Yogatraining für Yogalehrer und suchende Studenten 


Yoga ist eine Mischung von Praxis und Inspiration. Es bietet eine Art "Bedienungsanleitung", unseren Körper besser, mit weniger Schmerzen und mehr Freiheit zu bewegen. Gleichzeitig werden wir inspiriert, uns nach innen zu wenden um das Licht der Inspiration und Weisheit zu finden, das wir im Alltag oft nicht mehr wahrnehmen.


Dieses Training führt von praktischen Werkzeugen über das Verstehen von einer gesunden Kettenreaktion von Bewegungsabläufen hin zu einem tiefen Verständnis von Marma, das den Weg zu den Chakras ermöglicht. Dieses Verständnis führt uns jenseits der einfachen Idee, dass diverse Yogapositionen unsere Chakras «öffnen».


Grundthemen als Hauptfokus

Krama - Schritt für Schritt stärker zu werden und tiefer zu gehen

Marma - neue Wege zu finden, die unseren Körper mit unserem inneren Selbst verbinden



Freitag: Öffnen der Hüften

Samstag: Unterer Rücken, Hüften, Knie, Füsse

Sonntag: Nacken und Schultern


Philosophische Themen

"Das Herz des Helden" - Wahrer Mut bedeutet, die eigene Kraft zu umarmen, um zu handeln.

Marma als Pfad zu den Chakras

Vertiefung des Verständnisses von Chakra und des Subtilen Körpers


Die Kurssprache ist Englisch mit Übersetzung, mixed level. Du kannst auch einzelne Tage buchen.

Kursausschreibung in Englisch


Sequencing and Marma in Yoga: Inspirations for the Path Inward Through Yoga with Doug Keller

A training-intensive for yoga teachers and inquiring students


Yoga is a mixture of the practical and the inspiring. It provides a ‘user’s manual’ for using our body better — with more freedom and less injury — and at the same time inspires us to look more deeply within, to find the light of inspiration and wisdom we often don’t recognize in the business of our days.

Two themes will be a focus for this weekend: ‘Krama’ or learning to work step by step to be stronger and go deeper; and ‘Marma’ to find new pathways to connect with the body and our inner Self.

‘Krama’ yoga is the step-by-step path that acknowledges that we don’t just ‘do’ yoga, but enter into the experience progressively, incorporating the experiential learning from each step into the one that follows.

We most often think of ‘sequencing’ as simply a way to string yoga poses together in a series. But in a much deeper sense, ‘Krama’ is about the revelations we explore at each stage of practice that bring us to the next stage of experiential understanding. 

At a deeper level, according to tantric philosophy, each step of our experience confirms our essential intuition of the truth — called ‘prasiddhi’ — which we have had from the beginning, but did not fully understand or appreciate.

And so the philosophical theme of the weekend will be the ‘recognition’ of our deeper spiritual presence, which is expressed through the idea of the ‘chakras.’ As a path from asana to meditation, we will follow the marma points or ‘vital’ (i.e. full of prana or life) points that awaken meditative awareness and ‘untie’ the knots formed from previous experiences and traumas that block that awareness

This training will range from the practical — tools for working sequentially with yoga practice, not just through the ordering of poses, but through understanding the firing order of muscles that produce a healthy chain of functional movement — to deeper forms of understanding through the marma system of Ayurveda that supplement and reinforce our practice, to even deeper understanding that it is marma that provides the path to the ‘Chakras’ (getting us beyond the more simplistic ideas that poses ‘open’ our chakras).



Timing is Everything: Understanding the Firing Order of Muscles Along Threads of Movement in Asana Practice


This day will be an experiential exploration of the functional lines of movement that provide the core of effective asana practice, and a clear understanding of the ‘firing order’ of muscles we need to recruit along those lines to keep our asanas ‘firing on all cylinders!’

This will include the theme, ‘Why ‘Open’ the Hips? Essentials of Safe Hip Opening and the Core:’

Much of asana practice is devoted to ‘opening’ the hips, but often without much explanation of what we are really trying to achieve and why — and how best to go about it while recognizing our own structural limitations. 

The central purpose really has to do with the core — involving Mula and Uddiyana Bandha, and a deep awareness of sacral rhythm. We’ll be exploring all of the elements of hip opening, and how and why working with it is beneficial, even if your hips aren’t very ‘open’ — as well as what you can beneficially focus on if your hips are quite ‘open’ or hypermobile!


The Afternoon will include the philosophical theme:

‘The Hero’s Heart: True Courage in the Spiritual Path According to Tantric Philosophy Means Embracing Your Power to Be the ‘Doer’

Much of early yoga emphasized ‘renouncing’ the ego and ‘doership’ in order to be ‘liberated’ from karma. Later tantric philosophy emphasized that we find our true courage and experience our true power as embodied spirit when we embrace our doership — in the form of recognizing the Five Divine Acts: Creation, Sustenance, Dissolution, Concealment and Grace. This becomes the path to knowing the Divine and becoming free from fear. It is also a profound path inward to meditation and Yoga Nidra.



A Full Practice for Keeping the Lower Body Healthy 

— from the Lower Back to the Hips, Knees and Feet, While Understanding and Reducing Sciatic and Sacral Pain

A nice, flowing and well-rounded asana practice will lead us into the second half of the morning, in which we explore our own posture and movement patterns that often lead to aches, pains and problems — and we’ll explore simple exercises and variations on poses that can be practiced simply during the day to keep the body strong, flexible and happy.

Special attention will be given to understanding sciatic pain — which is a pervasive problem for anyone with legs and a spine. We will explore the elements of the pain pattern and its different varieties, and marma massage protocols for self-care and prevention linked with asana sequencing. 

Like last year, Doug will use a slide presentation to further help us understand the issues we’re working with in the body and how to recognize and overcome them. The slide presentations used in the lecture portions of the weekend will be available to you to download. You will be able to save them to your computer or tablet as high quality color documents for you to review whenever you wish.

The Afternoon will include the philosophical theme:

Marma as the Gateway to the Chakras — a Philosophical and Experiential Exploration through Breath and Yoga Nidra

A theme for the weekend is the intersection of marma and yoga, and while many of the applications treat marma on a practical, physical level in conjunction with fascia and fascial distortions, marma actually has a longer history in hatha yoga on the subtler level of dharana awareness, not involving touch or physical action at all. 

We don’t actually ‘open’ chakras through physical action such as asana. Marma is the gateway, both physical and subtle, to the inward-turning experience described by the different variations on the chakra ‘system.’

We will explore the philosophy and the sequential practices of breath and awareness that lead inward to that experience, going beyond the standard physicalistic pranayama practices and joining meditation and yoga nidra practices.



Taking Care of Your Neck and Shoulders: With Insights from Marma

Yoga offers a well-rounded — and also challenging — approach to taking care of the neck and shoulders. Our practice on Sunday will focus on the most beneficial actions to emphasize to keep them strong and flexible. But sometimes some extra insight is needed for understanding neck and shoulder pain — and headaches — and how to deal with them.

This is where awareness of marma points as well as simple isometric exercises for self-care during the day are helpful.

The day will begin with a flowing and well-rounded practice of asana, with more emphasis on the upper body, followed by an exploration of the neck and shoulders, the marma points and exercises for maintaining the well-being of the neck and shoulders. 

This will be supported by a slide show accompanying Doug’s explanation, to help you visualize and remember the points that he is making, and the exercises he is suggesting.

The philosophical theme of the afternoon will go more deeply into the theme of the chakras and the idea of the ‘Subtle Body’ that we experience through yoga


Kursort: Evangelisches Kirchgemeindehaus Landquart, Rheinstrasse 2

Kurszeiten: Freitag, 21. Februar 10 Uhr bis Sonntag, 23. Februar 16.00 Uhr

Kurskosten: CHF 510.- für alle drei Tage, CHF 180.- pro Tag


Anmeldung: bitte hier klicken

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