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4. Juli in Zürich - die Kraft im Jetzt

31. Juli bis 1. August - Kraft und Freude tanken im Hotel Sunstar Davos

7. August - 10. Bewusstseinssymposium. Woher kommen wir? Wer sind wir? Wohin gehen wir? Videopaket aller Vorträge sind ab 7. August freigeschaltet

13. - 15. August in Davos - Kinderwochenende für Kinder von 7 bis 12 Jahren

29. August, Kraft tanken in Davos - Instant Change und Chakraaktivierung

Yoga with Doug Keller, 12th to 14th March via ZOOM

Yoga — A Chance to Practice and Enjoy


This special chance to practice yoga with Doug in a time of separation will be in three sessions — which you can participate in live when it’s happening, but also do at a time that works better for you, or re-do to help you learn and experience more deeply, or even download to keep for your library of practices!


All three sessions will bring new inspiration for yoga teachers and casual students alike, with practical news you can use!


The 75 minute asana session will be followed by 45 minutes of instruction in pranayama and meditation, with a relaxation included, making it perfect for an evening session of yoga.

Each evening’s instruction on pranayama will build upon the last, each with a slightly different focus.


Friday Session, Freeing Your Neck and Shoulders

This asana practice will explore new ideas for freeing up your neck and shoulders in traditional yoga poses. It will be a nice flow of all-levels poses that will also include stretches and releases for your neck and shoulders that you can do when you are not on your yoga mat!

On this first evening the emphasis in pranayama will be on the wave-like relaxing quality of diaphragmatic breathing, especially for restorative practice, and how it, along with Ujjayi breathing, gives a firm foundation for meditation practice.


Saturday Session, Freeing Your Hips and Low Back

This asana practice will explore ideas for finding greater freedom in your hips, while discovering that this will have nice benefits for your lower back as well. It will be a nice flow of all-levels poses that will give you helpful ideas for strategies in asana that work best for your own body.

The pranayama practice will focus on the areas of the upper body into which we breathe, and how that awareness leads to experiences of stillness. The idea of the ‘Vayus’ from yoga will help us to feel and appreciate the subtle qualities of each moment of the breath.


Sunday Session, Finding Your Core

Usually we are taught to think that the ‘Core’ is simply a matter of abdominal strength; but in this asana practice we’ll experience it as a place in which we are centered, and from which movement flows. In this all-levels practice, we’ll find that it is a place of strength without hardness.

The pranayama practice will focus on achieving balance in the breath, and exploring the place of stillness known as the ‘dvadashanta’ — and its relation to the energy of meditation known as Kundalini. 


Date: March 12th to 14th, 6 to 8 pm, swiss time

Fee: CHF 90.- for the set, CHF 35.- single lessons 


Doug will be teaching in English. No translation. All teachings will be recorded. Every participant will get a link to download the lessons after the event.


Registration required. Please klick here


Next live event with Doug: 24th to 26th September 2021 in Landquart 

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