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18. Dezember in Au, ZH

Siddhi Abend mit Ladina

19. Dezember in Davos

Siddhi Abend mit Ladina

20. Dezember in Appenzell, 

Siddhi Abend mit Ladina

22. Dezember in der Quelle in Bern

Siddhi Abend mit Ladina

26. bis 28. Dezember in Dreien SG, die Magie der Rauhnächte

15. Januar in Thalwil, Aktivierung deines Wurzelchakras

28. - 29. Januar in Solothurn, Heilung des inneren Kindes

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Yoga with Doug Keller, USA. Redescovering freedom. Kursdaten sind in Bearbeitung

The training will be held in English, with Translation

Rediscovering freedom

Saturday Session: The Layers of our ‘Core’

The health and freedom of our movement, and feeling of ease in our heart and breath, relies on our resilient, spiraling ‘Core,’ made of layers and layers of movement and feeling — at the center of which is the psoas.


In this full day session, we’ll rediscover the freedom of twisting and bending actions in asana. Twisting and ‘contralateral’ movement is our most natural, healthy movement, learned when we first began to crawl and our first steps. We often lose touch with that, and it has consequences in the form of pain in our low back, hips, and knees — as well as our shoulders and neck.


We’ll explore some simple connections for ‘functional’ movement —from new ideas about the feet and upward — by which we re-learn these healthy patterns and movements especially powerfully through asana practice — which have the effect of being centering and cleansing, undoing patterns which often give us pain.


The practice will be all-levels, with variations for exploring the areas in which we may feel ‘stuck.’ And we will progress from asana practice into the experience of the breath and deep relaxation and meditation, appreciating how greater freedom at the core brings greater freedom and ease to the heart and breath. This will include some deeper insights from the tradition of hatha yoga into the connections between the ‘nadis’ and ‘Vayus’ to the health of our nervous system — an especially relevant issue in these times!



Sunday Session: The Shoulders: the Wings of the Mind and Breath

Freedom in the shoulders comes not just from ‘stretching,’ but from something deeper: exploring their movement without going to extremes. This is the secret of a protective mechanism that is built into us called the ‘arthrokinetic reflex.’ It is the easeful path to a balance of flexibility and strength in the shoulders that reduces pain patterns.


Starting with some simple insights into the movements of the shoulders and the simple movements and warmups that begin to free the shoulders. We’ll look at the role of these three parts and their joints in shoulder aches and pains, and principles for warmup and action for all of them, with applications in asana. This will include a look at common form of shoulder aches and pains, and their causes — including and especially shoulder impingement and rotator cuff problems. Special attention will be given to the ‘wings’ of the shoulders — the shoulder blades.


And from there in asana, we will continue the connections between lower and upper body, through the core to the shoulders, by which we integrate movement and breath throughout the body.


As we take these explorations into fuller discoveries of the breath, we’ll move into the deeper realms of awareness experienced in yoga nidra and in meditation, with the breath and sound of the breath as our guide — for a deep and profound fulfillment of the weekend.


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Kursort: Ref. Evangelisches Kirchgemeindehaus, Rheinstrasse 2 in Landquart

Kurskosten: zwei Tage CHF 350.-, einzelne Tage je CHF 180.-


Registration: click here

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