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26.-27. Februar in Dreien, SG, Heilung des inneren Kindes

Woher kommen wir? Wer sind wir? Wohin gehen wir? Das Videopaket aller Vorträge des 10. Bewusstseinssymposiums kann ab sofort bestellt werden

Yoga with Doug Keller, USA. Live in Landquart! 11. bis 13. März 2022 - New Themes to follow

The training will be held in English, with Translation

Yoga — Another Chance to Practice and Enjoy

This special chance to practice yoga with Doug will be in three sessions — which you can participate in live when it’s happening, but also do at a time that works better for you, or re-do to help you learn and experience more deeply, or even download to keep for your library of practices!


All three sessions will bring new inspiration for yoga teachers and casual students alike, with practical news you can use!


The two hour sessions will be about an hour and 15 minutes of asana practice, followed by instruction in pranayama and meditation, with a relaxation included, making it perfect for an evening session of yoga and a good night’s sleep!


Friday - Opening the Wings of Your Shoulder Blades

The movement of your shoulder blades is the secret to freedom in your shoulders. In this practice, we’ll work with the shoulder blades like ‘wings,’ along with ideas for keeping your neck long and free. 

On this first evening the emphasis in pranayama will be on the energy of the ‘Vayus’ to support a deeply relaxing breath practice and Yoga Nidra.


Saturday - 360o Hips

This practice will explore ‘circular’ actions in the hip joints, to bring greater freedom to the hips, along with circular actions for the shoulders. One of the healing qualities of Tai Chi practice is that it honors the round, circular movement of the hips and shoulders, and we will bring that freeing quality into our hatha yoga practice.

The pranayama practice will focus on the areas of the upper body into which we breathe, and how that awareness leads to experiences of stillness. We’ll explore the qualities of stillness in ‘Kumbhak’ in pranayama practice, and how that helps to still the mind.


Sunday - Strengthening and Lengthening Through the Core

This will be a general practice, but the special focus is on backbending — seeking spaciousness, lightness and buoyancy in our backbends, instead of feeling compressed and ‘pinched.’

The pranayama practice will focus on balancing ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’ with refined work with the breath, leading to a deep and extended Yoga Nidra.


Date: 11. to 13th March 2022


Kursort: Ref. Evangelisches Kirchgemeindehaus, Rheinstrasse 2 in Landquart

Datum: Freitag 11. März 10 Uhr bis Sonntag 13. März, 16 Uhr

Kurskosten: alle drei Tage CHF 510.-, einzelne Tage je CHF 180.-


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